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ANZAC 150 Amendment 1
SI 7.1 shall be amended to read:

Briefing: Held at RNZYS Westhaven at 1900 Thursday 20th April 2017

Amendment 2
SI 10 shall be amended to read:

10          Marks and Courses

10.1 Longhaul Course

Start, rounding Black Rocks to port, Anchorite Rock to Port, Flat Rock to Port,  Shearer Rock Buoy to Starboard , Motuora Island  to Starboard, to the Finish in Home Bay, Motuora Island.     


10.2     Shorthaul/Cruising Course

Start, rounding Shearer Rock Buoy to Port, Flat Rock to Port, Motuora Island to Starboard, to the Finish in Home Bay, Motuora Island.

10.3 Courses may be  

Amendment 3
SI 13 shall be amended to read:

13          TheFinish

13.1      The finish line is located off Home Bay Motuora Island.

13.2      The finish line will be a line between theFinish Boat ?Ma?ara? and the yellow triangular SSANZ Safety at Sea Buoy.

13.3      It is each yachts responsibility to identifyitself and be acknowledged by the race committee when finishing.

13.4      At night a yacht must illuminate its sailnumbers and contact the Race Officer on Ch77 or by any other means.

13.5     Yachts finishing after 1800 on Saturday 22 April2017 may have to take their own time and advise the Race Officer on Ch77 or byany other means. The yachts GPS to be used as the time source for the finishingtime.

Amendment 4

SI 15 shall be amended to read:

15  RadioPosition Reports

15.1      All yachts are required to do radio safety positionreports.

15.2      Yachts in the Longhaul are to contact Coastguardon VHF Channel 60 or 64 after passing and/or rounding the following: Black Rocks and also after Flat Rock

15.3      Yachts in the Shorthaul are to contactCoastguard on VHF Channel 60 or 64 after passing and/or rounding Shearer Rock Buoy

15.4      Yachts failing to comply with the radio positionrequirements will receive a 1% time penalty for every report they don?tcomplete.

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SSANZ Aims & Objectives



Aims and Objectives


To advance and promote generally short-handed sailing in New Zealand and to:


Bring together parties interested in the advancement of or participation in short-handed sailing and to exchange and advance short-handed sailing techniques.


Promote short-handed racing and to increase its acceptance by the yachting community and the general public.


Organise and stage successful short-handed racing in New Zealand waters.



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